About Us

Digital Assembly is a software and blockchain development company based in Croatia. With our background rooted in fintech, Digital Assembly provides a full range of enterprise-level IT and blockchain services for businesses, financial organizations, and investment funds. We offer a wide variety of solutions based on state-of-the-art technology, tailor-made to achieve your goals while connecting you to a team that’s ready to commit from day one.


Software Development

Micro-service oriented architecture - provides horizontal and vertical scalability, allows independently deployable components of the system and easier implementation.

Blockchain Solution

We specialize in deployment of various blockchain technologies specifically catered to your goals and needs. We have experience developing JP Morgan Quorum ethereum private networks, private Stellar networks and Uniswap protocol.

DevOps Solutions

DevOps is becoming a crucial part of any software product or service, helping to improve products at a faster rate, providing swift results and ensuring speed, reliability, scalability, security.

Big Data as a Service

We specialize in providing leading big data infrastructure and services. We have on-premise distributed Clickhouse DB (60 TB) self-hosted on a private cloud.

Data Streams

All ready developed complex and robust sevice for managing, gathering and streaming large quantities of data (+ 1m IOPs)

Algorithmic Trading Development

Highly skilled in developing enterprise-grade trading algorithms together with backtesting and enhanced analysis.

Our Portfolio

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  • App
  • Platform
  • Web3
  • Blockchain
  • Hosting

Trading Application


Buy, trade and manage fractionalized shares with unprecedented speed and accessibility using a mobile app.



Analyzing market data, finding correlations and discovering trading opportunities has never been easier. Access simple API connectivity to a variety of consolidated and processed crypto market data.

Algorithmic Trading Platform


A highly accessible crypto trading platform providing advanced tools and accessibility. Create and test algorithmic trading strategies and execute trade orders across multiple crypto exchanges.

Participation in Görli Testnet


Along with our partners, Digital Assembly is a key contributor in deploying a Görli Testnet node. We're also an official Görli authority, in partnership with Ethereum Foundation and other blockchain leaders.



Founders of Uniswap.rocks, the first fully functional and user-friendly explorer for Uniswap markets and analytics.

Blockchain Consulting


Development and consulting for a variety of blockchain technologies, from initial concepts to ready-to-implement complete solutions.

Smart City Solutions


We create platforms and solutions that make cities smarter. We’re currently developing a platform for long-distance water meter devices monitoring consumption.

Algorithmic Strategies on CME


We develop high performance, fully customizable algorithmic strategies specifically designed to meet the goals of our clients. We also specialize in algorithms that trade Bitcoin futures on Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

Cloud Hosting


A container packaging and application platform hosted in a private TIA/EIA-942 data centre. Our platform allows development teams to rapidly build, deploy, and scale traditional and cloud-native applications.